Functional Food

Oral compliance | Natural source | On the move | Quick to market
“is part of foods that are fortified, enriched, or enhanced dietary components that provide a health-benefit beyond the traditional nutrients it contains”

Functional food is a complete, fortified, enriched, or enhanced food with health benefits beyond the provision of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

In Moreth, we create functional food in innovative and convenient delivery format such as oral powder, oral dissolve tablet, chewable tablet and etc by using natural food ingredients.

Moreth is familiar in regulatory affairs in the region with quick turnaround time for formulation and prompt evaluation in prototyping.

We customize distinctive formulations based on the ingredients available in our portfolio as shown below:

  • Collagen Beauty and Skin Whitening Drink

  • Probiotics Formula for Gut Health, Immune Health or Women Health

  • Meal Replacer and Slimming Product

  • Functional Powder Beverages targeting on different health benefits such as heart health and cholesterol lowering, colon cleansing and digestion

  • Sport Nutrition: Pre-workout Booster, Post-workout Protein Powder, Bone and Joint Care

  • Kids Nutrition: Chewable Vitamin C, Chewable Calcium Tablet, Complete Growth Chewable Tablet

  • Special Dietary Formula: Diabetic Formula, Prenatal and Pregnancy Formula

  • Plant-based and Natural Beverage

  • Functional Coffee, Tea and Cereal